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Despite my Health problems, I studied Martial arts for over 35 years. Firstly I trained with the renowned Bob Breen, but after my 1st Bypass I went to train more locally to my home with the famous "street defence" instructor Jamie O'keefe, one of the best doormen/bouncers around. I studied hard with Jamie, and eventually took my grades and eventualy got to where I am today, I'm a 3rd Dan/Degree black belt in "street" Karate. This is very different to normal club Karate, and teaches a pupil how it is on the street, real self defence, rather than club scenarios. I taught this style for a few years in a basement of a music shop I managed in East London. I also hired a school hall for the same purpose. Jamie and I are still in regular contact, albeit we are alot older now. All my Dan/Degree gradings were taken after I recovered from major operations. The last was after my heart transplant. I personally took my 1st, 2nd & 3rd Dan gradings at the highest personal 1-1 level with Jamie O'Keefe.

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This is me on the steps to the first place I met Jamie O'keefe, my trainer, in Walthamstow East London in 1987.

 20 years later. Me and Jamie O'Keefe, April 2007.