Micky Byrne - Miracles Do Happen

March 10th 2016

 Everything was fine with the heart transplant I had in March 1999, but I have "other" problems in my life to deal with....Namely an AAA Aneurysm. The Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm has now been operated on, on June 28th, and at present, July 11th I am recovering  back at home. I was in hospital for a week. Later in the year I will see a Neuro surgeon in view of having another Meningioma (brain tumour) removed, but I'll think about that later in the year.

September 24th 2016 .... went to see the surgeon re the recent scan regarding the Aortic Aneurysm. He showed the scan on his computer. The Aeurysm is healed, but with the keyhole approach further scans from time to time are needed. I still have to see the Neuro surgeon later in December...will keep you posted.

October 5th 2016

Went to Harefield hospital  for my 17 and 1/2 year check-up. All was well when I saw the doctor a drop dead Gorgeous Spanish girl, so i'll be back next year in March for my 18 year check-up.  My next C.T. Angiogram will be in 2018 hope it goes well please God..

December 14th 2016 

I went to see 2 Neuro surgeons. They said if they did the operation now, it would be for cosmetic reasons only as I am non symtomatic. They will arrange a CT scan in April 2017 to compare the size of the Minengioma and decide things from there. The 1st scan will be done without contrast dye, and if that is not clear enough they will do another scan with contrast dye. They have to be carefull with contrast dyes, because with the amount of Immune suppressants recipients take, it impairs their kidneys.

July 26th 2017

Went to Queen's hospital to see the results of my last scan on my Minengioma...Saw a lovely surgeon called Simona, and now no more scans till December 2018....thank you..God bless you

Sept 4th 2017 

A short and sweet visit ..Bloods..Echoscan..ECG..Chest X-Ray.Then saw a nice pretty German lady doctor. I have had a bad chest for a few months so she called the Pharmacy department who have prescribed some medicine for that. Next appointment in March 2018...Got a Taxi home.


March 8th 2018 

19 years to the day I got my call to have a new heart. 19 years later I'm still here and thanks to God and a skillfull surgeon I'm still here. Just the normal Procedures, saw a great doctor, and got a cab home :-)